Courses Offered

Classes 6 to 10

Classes 6th to 10th are the building blocks for a student. A student has to study all the subjects in these classes and this is the time in which a student develops an interest for a particular subject. For classes 6th to 10th we have courses for English, Maths, Science and Social Science




Social Science

Classes 11th and 12th

Classes 11th and 12th are the preparatory phase for a student as he has  to focus on preparing himself for his career. this is the time in which a student decides what career he would be pursuing. So our aim is to make the student excel in his stream. The courses available for classes 11th and 12th are 






JEE Mains and Jee Advanced

Most of the students who have chosen Non-Medical as their stream have an aim to crack one of the biggest competitive exams- JEE Mains and once it is done, the aim is at JEE Advance exam. We, at TMC Institute, prepare the students for these competitive exams. For this we have the best faculty with an excellent experience in this field.

Let our experienced faculty be your guide 

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